Am 11.02.2015 um 00:57 schrieb Orvid King:

This would be very useful for IDE's like Mono-D, which would be able to download and list the packages that are in the registry. Obviously Mono-D would be caching the information on-disk, and a user would have to manually tell Mono-D to update the package listing. (similar to doing an apt-get update)

The only information that really needs to be present in this main overview is the same information that is on the registry's frontpage; The package name, version, date, and short description. It should be possible to get the information on the package via an extended API that would be called, and cached (flushed when the user updates the package listing) when the user selects a specific package, so that the IDE can display more detailed information on it.

List of all packages:

The information of each package get be then be queried: