Am 31.10.2013 14:17, schrieb Dicebot:

On Thu, 31 Oct 2013 13:59:03 +0100, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

Then of course, there is also some criticism because "install" may be
confused with a system wide install à la "make install", while in fact
it is just an installation process inside of the DUB ecosystem.

This is the core issue. "install" is widely adopted term with specific expectations.

I am going to make a PR that replaces all mentions of "install / uninstall" with more neutral "get / remove". Acceptable?

"get"/"remove" sounds good (any opinion on "fetch"?) - even though it
does install the packages in a way and doesn't just download them...

I also suspect that people will still think that after they've run "dub
get x", they can directly start using x. So this should probably still
be augmented with a clear message what happened and a suggestion of how
to continue (either "dub run x" or add "x": "(version)" to dependencies
field), but that's a separate issue. If you make the change, please keep
"install"/"uninstall" as undocumented aliases that additionally output a
short warning message so that we don't have a hard cut for now.