Am 31.10.2013 05:51, schrieb Brad Anderson:

In the #d IRC channel we get users asking questions about dub and the most common source of confusion seems to be around dub install. A lot of users seem to think once they do a dub install the library will just start working for their project automatically. I remember Dicebot suggesting the name dub cache instead of dub install at one point and I really think this is a change should happen and sooner rather than later.

Yes, I can confirm that, unfortunately. There will be a solution for it
in the next release. The only thing is that "dub cache" seems also less
than ideal considering what it does and what it may do in the future.

My ad-hoc suggestion would be to try to solve the confusion issue by
outputting a clear message after a package has been installed, or even
by making an interactive query of the form "Package x has been installed
in y, do you want to also add it as a dependency to the package z in the
CWD? (y/n)".

Then of course, there is also some criticism because "install" may be
confused with a system wide install à la "make install", while in fact
it is just an installation process inside of the DUB ecosystem.