On 2013-10-24 15:31, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

It accepts the same combination of identifiers as the build setting suffixes, the example above matches Linux (any architecture, any compiler) or OS X on X86-64 (any compiler).

Ok, I see.

My idea in this case was to specify the git URL each dependency instead of relying on submodules. But this is of course an alternative. The only drawback is that it would tie everything more to GIT, whereas now with the .zip system it is completely VCS agnostic. Having said that, I don't find it to be particularly bad to have a standard VCS (like GIT is for Go).

Aha, I think I understand what you're meaning.

Hm maybe a simple string like "description"? That way we have a clear cut between now and the point when we support machine readable external dependency specifications (if ever). Thinking of something like this:

 "systemDependencies": "OpenSSL 0.9.x or 1.0.x, libevent 2.0.x and GTK+ 3.8"

Yeah, that could work.

/Jacob Carlborg