On Sat, 19 Oct 2013 16:09:45 GMT, Stanislav Demyanovich wrote:

Hello!I.e. i have on my FS:
libL1.so, libL2.so and libL3.so in /usr/lib
libL1.a, libL2.a and libL3.a in ~/projectdir/deps/lib

Where is an obvious solution for shared lib - "libs" array in package.json, but what can i do with static libs without using the dirty-hack-way?
It would be great if where is a cross-platform solution (i mean i hope the prefixes and suffixes can be handled automatically).

Thanx in advance.

I think, as a temporary workaround, it should be possible to use the "lflags" field for that. So something like "lflags-linux": ["-Ldeps/lib", ":libL1.a", ":libL2.so"] or whatever the linker requires. A more integrated solution would of course be preferable and I expect that a lot will still happen with respect to linking in general at some point. It may take some time though, as there already are a lot of open issues stacking up.