On Thu, 17 Oct 2013 15:21:18 +0200, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

This is a bug. It should indeed go to to ~/.dub/packages and also be
available afterwards (dub list-installed). Implying "dub add" when doing
"dub install xxx --local" (which is what seems to happen now) sounds
also like a good idea.

Ahh, OK.

But in general the idea is that "dub install" is usually not needed
explicitly. Dependencies are automatically installed and built.

I see, so the idea is I only invoke dub at all when I have something that I want to build and I need to get its dependencies?

That's fine and is really in line with what I'd understood about dub, but just seems at odds with the fact that dub has an "install" method at all.

"dub clean" to remove build output files sounds like a good addition.

I'll make an enhancement request on GitHub. :-)

I agree. Better documentation on code.dlang.org is on the agenda, but
there are just so many other things to do, that without some external
help it is currently difficult to get all that done in a reasonable
amount of time.

If you have a wish-list, let me know -- otherwise I'll just try writing up what I feel is missing.

Thanks & best wishes,

-- Joe