On Wed, 16 Oct 2013 20:38:57 GMT, Jason Spashett wrote:


I have thre source files in one directory:

and I would like to bulld two executables. Both mc4ka.d and mk4kb.d have main() functions. Is this possible at all?

I realise that I could put these files in diffrent directories and make them all packages, but that seems like a big job for a small demo.

So far I have this, but can't get sub dependancies working. It just gives an error saying it can't build target none.


The following should work in theory, but there is currently no way to select a sub package for building. I'll try to get that added later today:

	"name": "mc4k",
	"targetType": "none",
	"dependencies": {
		"derelict": "~master"
	"subPackages": [
			"name": "a",
			"targetType": "executable",
			"excludedSourceFiles": ["source/mc4kb.d"]
			"name": "b",
			"targetType": "executable",
			"excludedSourceFiles": ["source/mc4ka.d"]