On 11.11.2021 02:10, Ruby The Roobster wrote:

Dub says that there is an invalid semVer format, but I don't see how.

Relevant Package:

Recently, I added a new tag: v0.1.2 to the github repo, as well as v0.1.2-rc.1(this was later removed.) Now whenever updating the package, dub gives me this:

Branch ~master: Invalid SemVer format: testing.0.0
Branch ~testing: Invalid SemVer format: testing.0.0
Version 0.1.2: Invalid SemVer format: testing.0.0

Any explanation why this happens so I can fix it and avoid it in the future?

Sorry, I was out of the loop here, since the NNTP interface wasn't
working since an earlier server migration.

I see it has already been fixed, so just for reference, the issue was
that a branch got referenced using the "fuzzy version" operator
"~>testing" instead of using the branch syntax "~testing", so that
"testing" got interpreted as a version string.

To follow up on this, although the current "~master" probably works,
I'd strongly recommend using "*" (or {"path": "."}) for dependencies
within the same package, so that no version conflicts can arise.