On Sun, 24 Aug 2014 10:21:49 GMT, ponce wrote:

Is it OK to mark a function deprecated (with alternative given in deprecation message) in a minor release?
The code
I feel uneasy if I have to bump the major number for things like a simple rename with deprecated alias.

I'd say as long as deprecations don't halt compilation ("buildRequirements": "disallowDeprecations"), it should be OK to do that.

Quoting the SemVer spec:

How should I handle deprecating functionality?

Deprecating existing functionality is a normal part of software development and is often required to make forward progress. When you deprecate part of your public API, you should do two things: (1) update your documentation to let users know about the change, (2) issue a new minor release with the deprecation in place. Before you completely remove the functionality in a new major release there should be at least one minor release that contains the deprecation so that users can smoothly transition to the new API.