I've prepared a new DUB release that should fix both issues:

Using build.sh, the following happens:

ld: library not found for -lev

This is now fixed for vibe.d master by putting the libev dependency only in the "libev" configuration instead of as a global dependency (new DUB feature). A new tagged release of vibe.d will also be out shortly.

The other issue that seemingly required manually adding the indirect dependencies had, I think, actually a different cause. When I tried to reproduce this, it failed to download the dependency on the first run, but succeeded on the second, no matter if the dependencies were all specified or not. So hopefully this part is also fixed for the latest DUB version.

I can wait for the next release; I'm going on a 2-week vacation with no internet (yikes).

I just came back from such a vacation (albeit just over a week). It was a very relaxing time... that is, until you come back to the work that piled up, of course :)