Am 08.06.2013 21:29, schrieb Nathan M. Swan:

I keep getting errors with this:

(DMD 2.063, OSX 10.7)

"description": "An example project skeleton",
"authors": [
    "Your Name"
"subConfigurations": {"vibe-d": "libevent"},
"dependencies": {
    "vibe-d": "==0.7.15"
"homepage": "",
"name": "test_http_hi",
"copyright": "Copyright © 2000, Your Name"

It complains that "No event driver is available. Please specify a -version=Vibe*Driver..., even though it's specified in the package.json.

It's supposed to be working (assuming you are using DUB to build and not
"$ vibe"). Can you paste the output of "dub build -v"?

When I try the command line with --config=libevent:

Error: opApply may only be called on objects, not Array.

Using DUB master, I get "Error: Unknown build configuration: libevent".
This is the expected behavior now since a while, as only the
configurations of the root package are available for selection (a
convenient way to forward all configurations of a dependency is planned,

If you haven't already, I would try to "./" the git master
version of DUB and try with that. But I'll also put out a new release
shortly and test everything again.