Am 09.06.2013 23:06, schrieb Robert:

First the good news:
got merged by Walter today! :-) I am very happy about that.

Great, so step 1 of 3 (?) on the road to the perfect build process is
done (missing the fixes for partial builds and a switch to let DMD
automatically gather dependencies)!

The bad news is, I am very busy at the moment with exams and stuff, so I won't be able to do any serious work until July. But then I really should be able to invest at least 2 weeks of full time work into dub.

No problem. I will probably look into implementing simple support for
multiple packages per directory, including being able to reference
sub-packages as dependencies. That part should probably be done sooner
rather than later, but I think it is the only real road block and
everything else can wait if it has to.

Regards and good luck with your exams (and stuff ;)),