Am 19.10.2017 um 20:17 schrieb steven kladitis:

I wanted to get the dfmt package.
I downloaded dub v 1.5.0.
I see that it ant to put stuff in %appdata%\DUB...
This is not good for me. My C drive is small .

My other dives have terabytes of space free.
I can not figure out how to get dub to put all  on my E: Drive.
Also following the examples I see on this website , they do not work.

md e:\dub
cd /d E:\dub
dub add_path .
dub fetch --local dfmt  --version=~master <-- dub in windows does not like this.

help please.

Instead of --local, please use --cache=local, as the former got
deprecated/removed a while ago. The documentation is wrong there, but
has already been fixed and I'll deploy the fix in a minute. Otherwise
the above approach should work correctly.

BTW, we should definitely also have a configuration option to
settings.json to control the location of the package cache, but that
doesn't exist yet.