On 2017-06-05 12:39, Kentaro Kakinuma wrote:

How can I run following code with DUB?

import std.stdio;

import a;

static this() {

void main() {
import std.stdio;

import app;

static this() {

I executed:

dub run -- "--DRT-oncycle=ignore"

But DUB says

object.Error@src\rt\minfo.d(377): Cyclic dependency between module app and a

The runtime argument doesn't seem to be passed to the executable.

I tried:

a.exe --DRT-oncycle=ignore

then it works (prints 'b' and 'a').

How can I pass "--DRT-oncycle=ignore" to an executable?


You can pass "--verbose" when invoking Dub to the actual sub commands
Dub is executing. But I would have expected the above to work.

/Jacob Carlborg