On Mon, 13 Mar 2017 22:04:38 GMT, Rey Valeza wrote:


Just a few minutes ago on my Linode/Ubuntu 16.10 I tried to compile a bare-bones project and I got this:

rey@ubuntu:~/www$ dub init fmt -t vibe.d
Package recipe format (sdl/json) [json]:
Name [fmt]:
Description [A simple vibe.d server application.]:
Author name [Rey Valeza]:
License [proprietary]:
Copyright string [Copyright © 2017, Rey Valeza]:
Add dependency (leave empty to skip) []:
Successfully created an empty project in '/home/rey/www/fmt'.
Package sucessfully created in fmt
rey@ubuntu:~/www$ cd fmt
rey@ubuntu:~/www/fmt$ dub
Fetching memutils 0.4.9 (getting selected version)...
Placing memutils 0.4.9 to /home/rey/.dub/packages/...
Fetching vibe-d 0.7.30 (getting selected version)...
Placing vibe-d 0.7.30 to /home/rey/.dub/packages/...
Fetching libevent 2.0.2+2.0.16 (getting selected version)...
Placing libevent 2.0.2+2.0.16 to /home/rey/.dub/packages/...
Fetching openssl 1.1.5+1.0.1g (getting selected version)...
Placing openssl 1.1.5+1.0.1g to /home/rey/.dub/packages/...
Fetching diet-ng 1.2.0 (getting selected version)...
Placing diet-ng 1.2.0 to /home/rey/.dub/packages/...
Fetching libasync 0.7.9 (getting selected version)...
Placing libasync 0.7.9 to /home/rey/.dub/packages/...
Performing "debug" build using gdc for x8664.<br>vibe-d:utils 0.7.30: building configuration "library"...<br>vibe-d:data 0.7.30: building configuration "library"...<br>vibe-d:core 0.7.30: building configuration "libevent"...<br>diet-ng 1.2.0: building configuration "library"...<br>vibe-d:http 0.7.30: building configuration "library"...<br>/usr/lib/gcc/x8664-linux-gnu/6/include/d/core/atomic.d:1464:13: error: static assert "Invalid template type specified."

 static assert(0, "Invalid template type specified.");

../../.dub/packages/vibe-d-0.7.30/vibe-d/source/vibe/http/server.d:1507:50: note: instantiated from here: atomicLoad!(cast(MemoryOrder)5, shared(HTTPServerContext)[])
else return cast(HTTPServerContext[])atomicLoad(g_contexts);


gdc failed with exit code 1.

I don't know what's going on. On my other Linode box (Ubuntu 16.04) I could compile and see the output. With this Linode/Ubuntu 16.10, I cannot compile.

Can someone help me? I am new to D and Vibe.d.

Hi guys,

I finally stumbled on this workaround: compile on my local machine and simply FileZilla my compiled code to the Linode server. I did not know I can do that. It was just desperation.

I can now view it here:


It is still a work in progress. If you just type


it will simply show the Nginx welcome page, so I still have to make nginx my proxy server. I also have to work on the TLS/SSL thing, authentication, validation, etc. Still so many things to do!

But thanks still!