This is the error right here. It's looking for libneo4jCon.a in the
library path, but cannot find it.

Note that generally the linker searches in the usual places (/usr/lib,
/lib, ...), and any location you pass via -L (e.g. the option -L-Llib in
your dub file).

Where is the lib file? Wherever it is, you need to add a linker search
path for it.


Thanks! I've "solved" it now by adding "lflags": ["-L$PACKAGE_DIR/lib"], to the dub.json of dneo4j.

Why is it that the linker flags of the library package are taken over by the project where I'm using the package? Just a kind of redundancy to be sure to get all library paths included (even though the ones from the dependency package include relative paths as well)?