Hey there,

(warning) I'm not all too experienced in programming. So here's my intention:

  • Build an interface for a C-library that I can use in my project
  • Put this interface in a separate package so that I can use it in other projects (e.g. in a subpackage of my project) per dependency

The problem I'm having is the following:

  • I am writing my own c library file that interfaces with the actual library (this is since I did not get a translation of the original c library header -> d module running)
  • my c library file is in my package's "lib" folder

When I now set the dependency on the package in my project with

"dependencies": { "path": "../<package>" }

I often get that the library is not found or that the function name symbol can't be found.

I'm wildly trying out things, but probably I'm doing a lot wrong. Is my idea feasible at all? Or is this "bs" and I should install my own library into "usr/local/lib"?

So I guess this is also a general question of how local libraries can be dealt with in dependencies...

Please let me know if my mind is shooting too far off.