On Wed, 02 Nov 2016 21:18:12 GMT, Ľudovít Lučenič wrote:

It would be helpful and very convenient, if there was an option in DUB config file to list all externally called scripts (from pre/post-generate/build commands). This would server to monitor them for modification and if there was a modification, DUB would be enforced rebuild. Today, if none of dub.json and/or source files are modified, DUB runs the package instead of building it, if a modification was done only in a script called from pre-generate/build command.

What do you think?

Detecting the scripts that are actually used is going to be a difficult task in general, because arbitrary shell syntax is allowed. But at least a manual way to make the dependency tracking work would be good to have. Something like a "dependencyFiles" fields where the scripts can be listed as non-source file dependencies.