Am 07.10.2016 um 14:55 schrieb Japt:

Hey guys.
I try make simply project and have some questions.

my project have static library "lib/foo.lib", have lib includes "inc/" and i want build my app 64bit (Windows). I know how build my app via cmd line - "dub build --arch=x86_64 --build=release".
Cmd line working fine, but how fill correctly dub.json? How add my static lib "foo.lib"?

Can you make simple example how fill dub.json with "--arch=x86_64" and lib path?

In the simplest case, you'd just add the lib files as source files:

   "name": "...",
   "sourceFiles-windows-x86_64": ["lib/foo.lib"],
   "importPaths": ["inc"]

I'd recommend putting the libs and includes in a separate dub package
and add that as a dependency to the application package. If the includes
only contain function prototypes, then using import paths is fine.
Otherwise, they also need to be added as "sourcePaths" to avoid linker