Am 20.02.2015 um 15:47 schrieb Luís Marques:

Do you really need to put vibenews behind a reverse proxy? What are the benefits? Is it only that is is better (e.g., better performance) or is it really recommended (e.g., vibe.d craps out with some problematic HTTP requests)?

For now I'm using only listenHTTPReverseProxy() from another vibe.d process, so if the recommendation is due to limitations of vibe.d then I guess that doesn't help a single bit. To put vibenews directly listening on the public IP address I would have to change (fork) the code, since it seems that bit isn't configurable, which is a bit of maintenance hassle. Would you accept a pull request that allowed setting the hostName from the default "" to something else?

Yes that would be no problem. This just has historical reasons (in the
sense that I'm personally just always had it running behind a proxy). Of
course a reverse proxy can also be useful to have for DoS protection
(where vibe.d doesn't have many countermeasures, yet), but everyone
should be able to decide how important that is.