From a vibe.d application on linux: I don't know if this is vibe.d related, am investigating.

A computationally intensive process run from the command line works fine, runs to completion after several minutes, writing a few hundred lines of text to standard output and creating, writing to and closing around 200 files of size around 20KB.

Now run from std.process.pipeProcess and periodically tested for completion with tryWait interleaved with sleep everything seems fine for a while. htop reveals that one core is running this at 100% CPU, and the first 76 files appear one after another, but the 77th file is opened and nothing is written to it, and htop reveals that the CPU usage has dropped to zero, and yet the process is still running according to ps, and this continues indefinitely, no error message, no indication from tryWait that it is done. htop does not reveal at any point that memory use is even half of what is available.

Previously with similar processes that are a somewhat scaled back version of the one that fails as above, there's been no difference between what happened at the command line and what's happening here.

Any ideas or suggestions?