On 2/23/18 12:44 AM, Nick Sabalausky wrote:

Is calling ConnectionPool.lockConnection multiple times in the same task
supposed to result in the same connection being returned? It seems to be
happening in my case (according to x is y expression), which is
tripping up some tests I was writing for new MySQLPool features (which
wraps vibe's ConnectionPool). Is there a way to make ConnectionPool emit
multiple connections to a single task?

I'm pretty sure I can work around this without too much trouble, but it
would be nice if there's a way I don't have to. Also thought I'd
double-check whether this was intended behavior.

That isn't what should happen. If you need 2 connections (like you are
running 2 related but separate DB queries), you should be able to get
them. Can you post code that causes the problem?