Am 28.01.2018 um 00:22 schrieb Mark T:


I'm fairly new to vibe.

It seems like a really fast framework, and as a D user, I'd like to use it more.

As the title suggests, Id like to use it for visualizations on the web.
I've run a search, but couldn't find anything on this forum concerning d3, or pixieJS.
I'm not familiar enough with vibe to guess at how compatible they might be.

I'm not a JS dev, so I don't know what would cause a JS framework to be incompatible with another framework either.

Could anyone fill me in on this?

Mark T

In general there shouldn't be anything that creates an incompatibility.
The only place where that can happen is in the high level web framework
(vibe.web.web) when the JS framework for example expects or sends data
in a way that is not directly supported by vibe.web.web (naming
convention of form fields or similar things).

However, even there, since it's still always possible to use the raw
HTTPServerReponse and HTTPServerRequest objects to communicate, it
is also always possible to work around such potential issues.

Unfortunately I can't say anything more concrete regarding the mentioned