On Wed, 13 Dec 2017 18:33:05 GMT, Martin Brzenska wrote:

actually, a forward proxy is what I need. but still with the possibility to set a gateway for the connection between the proxy and the destination. is this possible somehow?

So, just to make sure I got this right, does the situation look like this?

client -> (internet) -> vibe.d service -> (private lan) -> internal service

Would the client explicitly configure the vibe.d service as a proxy? If not, how would a client request look like?

In terms of gateways or upstream proxies, I just notices that there is currently no way of setting the HTTPClientSettings used for talking to the destination service. Otherwise, it would be possible to set the local network interface used, hence forcing to use the proper routing rules/gateway configured for that interface, and it would also be possible to set another (forward) proxy server as an additional intermediate step.

I've opened a ticket for this: #2006