Am 25.09.2017 um 16:45 schrieb Tadao Usuzaka:

Is it possible RIA (like in D lang instead of Diet html ?

If so, it's the best solution ( I think ... ) D lang, Vibe.d, RIA in D & Database.

I wouldn't say "instead of", but rather in addition to, because the
approach that I started to implement a while ago (currently on hold)
takes normal Diet templates with special attributes (very similar to
popular reactive frameworks) and automatically generates the necessary
JavaScript code for a reactive web application at compile time.

The big difference is that all user written dynamic code is based on D
expressions and is executed on the server side. Also, all the necessary
bookkeeping to dynamically update the DOM is done only once at
compile-time instead of at runtime in the browser, which should yield
much better performance on slower clients and complex pages.

But in general, it's very possible to use one of the JavaScript based
frameworks today to implement rich internet applications. Diet templates
can be used to generate the necessary base HTML structure. The attribute
parser has been modified particularly to be able to parse the specially
named attributes that are typically used.