I know this is an older post, but I think everyone should have a look at http://intercoolerjs.org/

It's a JS ajax library which allows you to use AJAX as though it were a simple html tag.

If you look at the various examples you can see the different ways in which it can be used.

I wouldn't call it "reactive", as in the Backbone way of doing things. But still, it does open up some nice and elegant possibilities.


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There's a resource out there though for choosing javascript MVCs where it's about 500 lines of javascript, and I think it would take about 500 lines of vibe.d to make a persistent back-end

I have a bias towards jquery because of existing templates based on foundation and bootstrap which require it, but I'd mention that the AngularJS example is much cleaner (easier to read code), although soon enough it'll all be dart =)