I still can't get it work.

My app dub.json have section:

"dependencies": {

"vibe-d": "~>0.7.19",

also I downloaded last vibed version from git and put it to: \AppData\Roaming\dub\packages\vibe-d-0.7.23\source\vibe

than I added:

    settings.authType = SMTPAuthType.login;
	settings.tlsVersion = TLSVersion.ssl3;

to my App.

So it's become:

import std.stdio;
import vibe.core.log;
import vibe.mail.smtp;

void main()

    auto gmail = "bubnenkoff@gmail.com>";
    auto pass = "12312312";

    auto settings = new SMTPClientSettings("smtp.gmail.com", 587);
    settings.connectionType = SMTPConnectionType.startTLS;
    settings.authType = SMTPAuthType.login;
	settings.tlsVersion = TLSVersion.ssl3;
	settings.tlsValidationMode = TLSPeerValidationMode.validCert;

    settings.username = gmail;
    settings.password = pass;

    auto mail = new Mail;
    mail.headers["From"] = gmail;
    mail.headers["Subject"] = "Testmail";
    mail.bodyText = "Hello, World!";	

    mail.headers["From"] = "<bubnenkoff@gmail.com>";
    mail.headers["To"] = "<bubnenkoff@gmail.com>";

    logInfo("Sending mail...");
    sendMail(settings, mail);


and now I am getting error:

source\app.d(15): Error: undefined identifier TLSVersion
source\app.d(16): Error: undefined identifier TLSPeerValidationMode