Am 16.01.2014 10:59, schrieb Moritz Maxeiner:

On Wed, 15 Jan 2014 14:59:05 GMT, Stephan Dilly wrote:

On Wed, 15 Jan 2014 14:09:58 GMT, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

There is a third, and hopefully last, beta version for DUB 0.9.21. It contains four major new features:

  • New per-package build system (builds individual packages as static libraries), use --combined to build everything at once (almost) like before

well compiling my project with the good ol' "dub build" fails horrably now, but the new --combined flag fixes it. the question is why does the new default fail.. ?

My project won't compile anymore either (it did with 0.9.21 Beta 1, I believe), although it's seems to be a different error. Probably there's something wrong with my package.json, but I can't figure out what.

These are the errors:

Checking dependencies in '/home/cal/Seafile/llvm/llvm-d'
Failed to retrieve metadata for package llvm-d:c-api: Could not find package candidate for llvm-d:c-api ==~experimental

Fixed by
However, DMD now fails with:

dmd -lib 
vm-d.lib -debug -g -w -version=Have_llvm_d -version=Have_llvm_d_c_api 
-version=Have_llvm_d_d_api -I. llvm\c\constants.d llvm\c\functions.d 
llvm\c\package.d llvm\c\types.d llvm\c\versions.d llvm\util\memory.d 
llvm\util\shlib.d llvm\util\templates.d llvm\d\ir\argument.d 
llvm\d\ir\attributes.d llvm\d\ir\basicblock.d llvm\d\ir\constant.d 
llvm\d\ir\constants.d llvm\d\ir\derivedtypes.d llvm\d\ir\globalalias.d 
llvm\d\ir\globalvalue.d llvm\d\ir\globalvariable.d 
llvm\d\ir\llvmcontext.d llvm\d\ir\llvmfunction.d llvm\d\ir\type.d 
llvm\d\ir\use.d llvm\d\ir\user.d llvm\d\ir\value.d 
Error: multiple definition of constants_5f3_4e9: 
_D4llvm1d2ir9constants12CÇçïExpr16getInsertElementFCÇèÂ8ÇêÂ8Çê┤ÇØØÇØØZÇØ× and 
FAIL .dub\build\library-debug-x86-dmd-B7ADA2B42331374E21FF5476F4BD112C 
llvm-d staticLibrary

Not sure if this is caused by DUB changes.