On 2014-01-15 15:09, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

There is a third, and hopefully last, beta version for DUB 0.9.21. It contains four major new features:

  • New per-package build system (builds individual packages as static libraries), use --combined to build everything at once (almost) like before

  • New "dub test" command to run the (unit) tests of a project

  • Supports (and recommends) public sub packages in sub folders. For example, the following entry in vibe.d's package description file would make the http server example available as a dependency "vibe-d:http-server-example":

       "subPackages": {
  • The preferred package description file name is now "dub.json" instead of "package.json" (the old name will continue to be supported).

Everything basically works, but a lot of testing is still needed to get a solid release. Please download from http://code.dlang.org/download (or GIT clone from https://github.com/rejectedsoftware/dub.git) and test with your projects, so that any regressions can be worked out early.

That's great news, especially the per-package builds feature.

/Jacob Carlborg