I am using Dub v1.15.0 bundled with DMD v.2.86.0 on Win 7 x64.

I am only interested in COFF object format so I generate a x32 project using 'dub init abc32' and all default params: Succeeds.

Then build it using 'dub build --arch=x86_mscoff': Build succeeds. Using --verbose option I can see dub calls dmd passing -m32mscoff. I can successfully run the executable.

Then I generate a VisualD project using 'dub generate visuald': Succeeds.

But VisualD project created is x64 though. Command line shows -m64 argument passed. Is this a bug?

Also note only debug configuration of VisualD project is created - I know there are command options to build other configurations but will it not be better to automatically generate both a debug and release configuration since this is what Vsitual Studio does by default?