On Thu, 16 Apr 2015 04:31:31 GMT, cal wrote:

How do you ask dub to compile in unittests only for the main app, and not the dependencies? (I don't want to run the unittests of the project's dependencies).

Yeah. It seems like a pretty terrible default to have dependencies build with their unittest build when you build the unittest build for your project. And apparently, I've somehow managed to get in a state with one of my libraries where it doesn't link properly if anyone has it as a dependency and does their unittest build. For whatever reason, not all of the necessary symbols get linked in, and I can't simply version out the unittest blocks with a version specific to my unittest build, because my unittest build gets built when they build their project's unittest build. The best that I can think of doing at the moment is version everything with a special version and then create a custom build configuration for running unit tests, which means that dub test won't work anymore without passing --build=myconfig, which is really annoying.