On 26.07.17 01:09, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

Am 15.07.2017 um 18:49 schrieb Christian Köstlin:

http://code.dlang.org/package-format?lang=sdl especially mentions, that
targetPath does not support the platform attributes.

I would like to be able to distinguish osx-binaries from linux binaries.
Also having different settings for linux-arm and linux-x86_64 would be


Configurations would work in that case. Each configuration has a list of
platform specifiers that it supports, and any global settings are
inherited, so that only the necessary bits need to be customized:

name "foo"
dependency "bar" version="~>1.0"

configuration "osx" {
    platforms "osx"
    targetName "foo_for_mac"
configuration "armlinux" {
    platforms "linux-arm"
    targetName "armlinux_foo"
    dependency "myarmlib" version="~>2.0"
configuration "linux" {
    plaforms "linux-x86" "linux-x86_64"
    targetName "pc-linux"

Thanks for the answer!

this means, I would have to always make dub -c osx/linux/armlinux?

Is it somehow possible to run on all platforms (raspi, osx and linux)
just dub build and then get the proper executable with a platform
specific name?