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How to manage a dub package repository?

  1. Create repository on GitHub [DONE]
  2. Tag the repository with a version [DONE by creating a release on GitHub]
  3. Register with the dub package registry https://code.dlang.org/ [DONE]
  4. From my local PC: dub fetch <mypackage> [DONE]
  5. Commit a change to GitHub that is picked up by the dub pkg repository [INTERMITTENT]


Having problems with the dub package repository updating with my merge on GitHub. It's a simple project with only 1 branch, the master.

  1. Must I create a new release to update the version tag every time I commit to the master, so that the dub package repository will see this change?
  2. Is there some alternate method to update the version tag on GitHub, other than create a release?
  3. I understand it takes some time for the dub pkg repository to update from GitHub. Is the norm 1 hour, 1 day, or longer?
  4. I triggered a manual update from the dub pkg repository yet I get the following package error:
Version 0.1.2: Package description contains an obsolete "version" field and does not match tag 0.1.2: 0.1.1 
  1. The error above stemmed from me having a (depreciated) version field in my dub.json file.
  2. I replaced the dub.json with a dub.sdl, removed the depreciated version field, and created a new release.
  3. I can probably fix by creating yet another release, but I would appreciate some guidance if I'm going astray or not?

I believe you can/should be creating tags with git https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Git-Basics-Tagging
and then pushing those up to github.