On Wed, 12 Oct 2016 16:18:51 GMT, Andre Pany wrote:


I noticed the behavior for dub --single changed. In the past the executable was created within the same folder as the source file. Now it is created in a temp folder. Even with dub build --single and specifying the targetPath "$PACKAGE_DIR" in the sdl, the executable is created in temp folder.

This is an issue for me. I have created for cloud foundry a buildpack. A buildpack is a collection of scripts. One script downloads dmd/dub and compiles the source code. Another script executes the executable.
I have a logic to detect dub.json/dub.sdl does not exist. In this case the d file is compiled with dub build --single.

It was straight forward to write a cloud application with the old behavior. But now it seems even impossible to specify that the executable should be built within the same directory with --single.

Is there a way to build the get the old behavior back?

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Right now, --temp-build is only issued for the short syntax dub file.d, but dub --single file.d should build in the current directory. Did you test with the latest beta/master?