On Thu, 13 Oct 2016 07:56:59 GMT, Andre Pany wrote:

I hoped dub describe --single app.d returns the path to the executable in the temp folder
but no chance:

"targetPath": "",
"targetName": "app",
"targetFileName": "app.exe",

This information is not consistent.

The new behavior of creating the executable in a temp folder, without providing information where it was created or to influence this behavior, makes the --single functionality almost unusable for me ):

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I suggest following enhancement.

1) Add the parameter --temp-build to "build" too. By default this parameter has the value true. If I want to build the executable not in a temporary directory I write following command: dub build --single app.d --temp-build=false


2) To be consistent with dub describe: Add the --temp-build parameter to dub build but set the default value to false.

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