On 2014-02-13 21:38, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

I mean a path to a cloned working copy, not a local "git remote".

Git can clone from a cloned working copy as well.

That would avoid the burden for DUB to perform the clone/checkout

Dub could of course check if it's a local path.

, possibly managing credentials etc. and provide full flexibility for the user.


DUB wouldn't even have to know what branch/tag is checked out and any VCS
would work.

Right. I'm not against supporting a local path but I think supporting
arbitrary git repositories would be nice as well. Bundler (a tool used
by Ruby projects) supports gems (which would correspond to a package in
the dub registry), git repositories and local file paths. It also
supports "shortcuts" for github repositories. When using a git
repository it will by default used the default branch.

/Jacob Carlborg