Am 12.02.2014 17:05, schrieb Sönke Ludwig:

But the dub.json/package.json of each package wouldn't be affected as
per the current plan. But thinking about it, there would be another
possible way that provides a little less flexibility in what can be
overridden, but avoids duplicate setup work in case of multiple
developers. For that idea, the dependencies in the package description
could be written like this:

   "name": "somepack",
   "dependencies": {
     "vibe-d": {
       "version": ">=0.7.18",
       "branch": "~master"

If the user then has vibe-d checked out on master, DUB would use that.
Without the "branch" entry, it would always use a tagged version.


Okay, this has the drawback of being less flexible. For example, if a
new feature is to be developed in a new feature branch, then the setting
in the dub.json would get in the way.