Am 16.01.2014 13:11, schrieb Sönke Ludwig:

Am 16.01.2014 10:59, schrieb Moritz Maxeiner:

My project
won't compile anymore either (it did with 0.9.21 Beta 1, I believe),
although it's seems to be a different error. Probably there's
something wrong with my package.json, but I can't figure out what.

These are the errors:

Checking dependencies in '/home/cal/Seafile/llvm/llvm-d'
Failed to retrieve metadata for package llvm-d:c-api: Could not find
package candidate for llvm-d:c-api ==~experimental

Fixed by
However, DMD now fails with:

Not sure if this is caused by DUB changes.

No, it's just a bug in the library: llvm/d/constants.d:1060 should be
getShuffleVector instead of getExtractElement.